Tour Code: FE04

√ Enjoy a classic view of the city and Table Mountain across Table Bay.
√ Explore West Coast Fossil Park, one of the richest fossil sites in the world.
√ Learn about the fascinating culture, heritage, traditions and modern day adaptations of the San people first-hand.
√ Lunch at an a la carte restaurant.

Our first port of call is Bloubergstrand for classic picture postcard views of the city and Table Mountain.

We continue on to the West Coast Fossil Park where five million years ago this dry coastline's vegetation was lush riverine forest and wooded savannah, home to a huge variety of now-extinct animals. Over the past 40 years the bones of some 200 different kinds of animals, including giant cave bears and four-tusked Anacus elephants have been uncovered here.

We continue on to !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre where, after lunch, we learn about the fascinating heritage, of the San / Bushmen people.

We accompany a group of qualified San guides through the area, as they demonstrate their acclaimed skills, such as animal tracking and the identification of edible and medicinal plants. They also share something of their ancient oral history, teach us words in their language, and enlighten us about recent achievements to reclaim their rights to land and intellectual property.

This is a truly rare opportunity to absorb first-hand accounts from these unique people, whose genetic ancestors may be some of the world's earliest human inhabitants.